Best Plans to Make With Your Pet

The Best Plans to Make With Your Pet

There is nothing better than spending time with those you love most. Our pets give us a love and affection singular, and what better to correspond with fun plans. We propose some good ideas to spend more time and enjoy the company of your dog or cat to the fullest. These are the best plans to enjoy with your pet:

Best Plans to Make With Your Pet

1. Hiking in the mountains

Enjoying the outdoors especially when the weather is good is the best of the plans. Your pet will surely love to breathe fresh air, explore new places and run freely through the countryside. If you like hiking, share it with your dog is the best gift.

2. Beach walk

If you are more of beach, you also have a good plan to enjoy with your pet. There are beaches suitable for dogs, so that your best friend can enjoy the sun and the breeze of evil as much as you.

3. Hairdressing session

Your pet also loves to take care of itself, so make an appointment at the hairdresser and share an afternoon of beauty for a very special plan.

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4. Shopping

Take advantage of a day to go shopping with your pet. There are shops that accept animals so you can enter with your dog without problem. Make him happy by buying him a toy or accessory for him.

5. Photo session

One way to immortalize your friendship is to have a few special photos. You can make a session of funny photos for the family album. Surely you spend a very special day making your photos!

6. Holiday together

There are plenty of vacation destinations where you can enjoy the most with your dog or cat. Of course, make sure it is a pet friendly place and organize plans to enjoy good company. Surely you always remember it!

7. Outdoor food

Enjoy a picnic day in the middle of nature. It is a good plan to take advantage of good weather in the company of your dog or cat.

8. Birthday celebration

If you usually celebrate your birthday in a special way, why not do it with your pet’s? You can prepare a great party for him to enjoy such a marked date.

9. Dedicate a full day

The best of the gifts is always the time. So book a day to dedicate it exclusively to your pet.

10. Sofa and blanket

There are days when you want a good nap, and watch a movie on the couch quietly at home. Involve your dog or cat in those moments of relaxation. I’m sure he loves being with you!

11. Playing frisbee

If you have tried to play frisbee with your dog, you have surely realized that it is one of the plans that you like the most! Fun for you and for him equally.

12. Camping

We talked about taking your pet on a trip, but how about you go one more step and go camping? You will enjoy a fun day and a night under the stars. What more could you want?

Find Your Dog's Name This Year

Find Your Dog’s Name This Year

How do we find a name for our pet?

The arrival of our pet at home is always causing for joy, finding a suitable name sometimes is not easy, there are the preferences of celebrities for the movies, the series.

In addition to distinguishing the sex of our dog has to define a little his character, so before choosing his name look and you will know immediately.

Find Your Dog's Name This Year

How it happens with people the fashions are changing and although there are always the classics, you can innovate.

There are web pages that by entering the characteristics of your dog you are looking for options of different names (in English).

Although it has been several years since the winning names of all the search engines are still those that have something to do with the series Game of Thrones, Daenerys, Nymeria, Ghost …, although there is also much Sauron and some Gandalf.

The most important thing is that you do not put the same name as someone in your family, it will confuse you continuously, try to be short, but not even a single syllable, if you call it, for example: badly, it would lead to many confusions.

And especially once you have put it on, do not change it.

My Dog ​​is Afraid

My Dog ​​is Afraid: Tricks to Reassure Him

The dogs also have emotions like us, and fear is one of them, like joy, sadness or nervousness. They can not choose to feel them, they are involuntary and that is why we can neither reinforce nor punish them. But we can increase or decrease the intensity of that emotion. 
Dogs are often afraid of loud noises, such as a storm or fireworks. And when they get scared, they all show the same reaction and it is through their body posture. They tend to stay hunched, with a deviated look or dilated pupils, frown, moan, tremble or shiver, etc.

My Dog ​​is Afraid

When you have such a situation, in which your dog is scared and you do not know what to do, here we leave some tricks to combat it.

  • The best we can do is to act calmly. Do not shout or quarrel, because the only thing you’re going to get is to make the situation worse. Our dog takes us as a reference, and that is why we can teach him that things do not scare him, but without forcing him to do anything.
  • Try to avoid caressing him. This is what we usually do as a reaction, but it only produces the opposite effect in our dog. He thinks that the noise he hears is dangerous, and that’s why we protect him. It increases your fear and that is why it is better to stroke him when he has relaxed.
  • If you can avoid getting closer to the place where the noise comes from, the better. At home, you will feel more secure. We want it to overcome fear, not increase emotion. Dogs do not understand “shock therapies”, and the most important thing is to normalize that situation without forcing them to reduce their fear.
  • Close windows, curtains or blinds. The lights of the fireworks or the rays of the storm that frightens you do not help you to calm down. Also, lowering the blinds will reduce the noise that scares you.
  • Enable a place that is your refuge where you feel safe. Choose a place where there is less noise, take your things there (your blanket, your toys), and you will feel sheltered.
  • If you are looking for a hiding place to feel safe, leave it there. Let it hide where you want and do not move it by force. If you see calm and your behavior is usual, it is easier to calm down and decide to leave your lair.
  • Do not lock him up or leave him alone. Dogs are social animals and if you lock them up it does not help reduce their stress, but the effect is the opposite. You must accompany him and keep him entertained, with games or with some food.
  • Listen to classical music. In some dog shelters, they play classical music at low volume to reassure these animals in times of fear. This helps your pet relax because overstimulation is counterproductive. Hyperactivity leads to stress, and a stressed dog is more sensitive to everything.

All of these tips may help calm your pet, but fear persists. If this is the case and we see it as a more serious problem, we should always consult with a veterinarian or animal behavior specialist. To look for the reassuring effect of mothers on their puppies, the use of pheromones is recommended but always controlled by the veterinarian. Sometimes, the prescription of some medication helps to reduce that fear, but you should never medicate your pet on your own since you can expose it to irreversible damage.

Sometimes, the treatment is extended over time, but hope should not be lost. With patience and persistence, you will be able to help your pet overcome its fears. Before what you expect you will get your pet is free of fears.

The Dream, Key to the Health of Dogs

The Dream, Key to the Health of Dogs

Although the concern for the welfare of our dogs has always been a transcendental issue for any owner, the trends show that it has been in these last years when there has been a clear awareness about the importance of good rest of the dogs.

Far from being a luxury object, beds, for dogs, are a necessity just as they are for us. Obviously, our dogs can sleep on the floor or on our own beds or sofas, and they do it without complaining. However, our dog will undoubtedly appreciate having a bed for himself.

The Dream, Key to the Health of Dogs

There are many benefits for their health and for their owners:

  • It provides the dog with a feeling of security. It is important to find a cozy space for the dog and keep it in the same situation so you always know that it is your own corner. It is worth remembering that the ancestors of the dogs were wild and territorial, so they appreciate a place they can claim as their own.
  • Comfort and comfort Given the opportunity to sleep on the floor or in a soft bed, most of our pets would choose to have a bed that will cushion and isolate the unpalatable floor.
  • Protect your home and your family. If your dog has its own bed, you will get the hair and dirt it generates, stay out of your furniture or your bed. Especially important factor if it is the case that a relative has an allergy.
  • Dogs sleep approximately 12 hours a day, which means they spend half their lives resting. Obviously having a place to do it comfortably makes a difference in the development of the body and character of the animal. Sleeping in a bed gives the body the possibility to recover and rejuvenate more easily, and, to the mind, to dream and rest.

A standard dog bed should be slightly raised above the ground, should provide some heat and shelter, and should allow the animal to support its joints. For older dogs, there are orthopedic beds, specially designed to combat hip problems or joint pains. They are also extraordinarily indicated for dogs that have recently undergone surgery.

Choosing what is the best bed for our dog is extremely important. The general proportions of the dog – which vary according to the breed – must be taken into account and the premise that we must start from is to try to mimic its natural habitat, thus achieving maximum comfort.

Know Your Dog According to His Tail Movements

Know Your Dog According to His Tail Movements

Our dog often communicates with us through the tail. We must learn to interpret the movements to try to know what he wants to tell us. Like us, they need to show their mood and express their emotions.

The tail is your most expressive part of the body, followed by the ears. Each of your movements means a different thing, either directed to us or to the dogs with whom you relate. These are totally instinctive movements, just as we make gestures or show our emotions with facial expression.

Know Your Dog According to His Tail Movements

Some of the most common tail movements that we can find in dogs are:

  • The authoritarian: with his tail raised, he is showing us his authority. In some way, he wants to impose and show who is in charge.
  • The tail between the legs: with this position expresses fear, the dog feels scared and afraid of being attacked.
  • The detective: with the tail extended horizontally, indicates that it is showing interest in something. He is investigating and exploring.
  • The relaxed: with the tail low, away from the hind legs, the dog feels calm and relaxed. It is very common when you get tired after a long and tiring day.
  • The circle: when it makes movements in the form of a circle, it indicates to us that it is motivated and that it wants to play. He is asking for your attention.
  • The pendulum: with the tail low with movements from one side to another, you may want to tell us two things: that you are anxious to see us, or that you are impatient. This movement is very common just before taking him out for a walk, when he sees our intentions, and also when he foresees that we are going to give him food.
Stress of Pets for Christmas

Stress of Pets for Christmas

The gifts, the meals, the visits, the brothers-in-law … if for us it can be stressful the Christmas holidays, as it is not going to be for our pet: changes of habits, strangers at home or visit to new environments. How can we avoid this stress to our pet or what to do when he already has it?

January is a month in which consultations about behavior in veterinary clinics abound and most of these problems are due to Christmas stress. Changing the daily routine of walks and meals can be very important for a dog. Visits that not only happen but stay to eat, can be very difficult to tolerate for a cat and this ends up causing anxiety.

We can detect this anxiety in our dog when it barks more than necessary, or it runs through the house more nervously or even urinates or defecates where it should not. In the case of cats, we can detect it when we see it appear in places in our house that we may not know.

 Stress of Pets for Christmas

How to avoid the stress of our pets for Christmas?

In order to avoid the stress of the holidays to our pet, we must try to follow the routine of walks and meals without changing much the schedules or the times of walk. If our pet is accustomed to being alone for a few hours it is not necessary to carry it always on its back, for a few hours it can be at home with its environment and its tranquility.

It is recommended to use a natural anti-anxiety treatment with a tryptophan and vitamin B complex product, as both help synthesize serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, a molecule that communicates one neuron with another, and that its deficiency in the brain causes states of anxiety and depression. With the supplement in the diet of this amino acid and vitamin B, we increase serotonin and we can avoid the state of anxiety.

Christmas should be happy for everyone, also for our pets. They must participate in the festivities but in their own way, not ours to avoid general stress. Another day we talk about nougat … can you eat a little?

New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Pet

New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet

New Year’s resolutions for you and your pet

A new year has begun! Have you thought about what your purposes will be to get a good start? When a new year arrives it is time to take stock of the pending things regarding the care of our pets.

It is very important that you include your pet when it comes to the purposes of the new year since it is a member of the family and you must take it into account. At the same time, your pet will also have some purposes to meet, some more difficult than others … but in any case, the beginning of the year is always a good excuse to propose new goals to meet your pet, and also your pet with you.

Then we leave you with some interesting ideas to improve habits and to give your pet a better quality of life.

New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Pet

New year purposes for owners

  • Sterilization: I will take sterilize my pet, in this way I help to avoid overpopulation and many other diseases.
  • Cleaning of teeth: That smile is not going to keep all year, for it I will have to take care of its hygiene in all its aspects: I will keep it well bathed and neat. I will also take care of your nails and keep your surroundings clean.
  • Socialize with more dogs: I will take you to live with more animals so I will help you grow better and without shyness. It will be more friendly.
  • Traveling with him: I will include him more in my life. We will plan trips and I will inform you of your needs so that we can both do it in a fun way.
  • Walk more and exercise a lot: We will go for a walk when we wake up and also when we get to work. I will dedicate more time to him and I will try to pay more attention to him when he is at home.

New Year’s purposes for pets:

  • Behave better at home: I will not bite the slippers anymore, or the carpet, or the chair. My owner will be happy and sure to congratulate me.
  • I will take care of my diet: I will eat at my hours and only my croquettes. I will respect the schedules and I will not ask for more food.
  • Respectful with neighbors: I will not disturb any of the guests at home. I will not bother you and wait patiently sitting without jumping on you.
  • Be obedient to my owner: Do not be so lazy and go to the bathroom where I should. Although sometimes it costs me I will wait to find a suitable place. I promise.
  • I will be more careful with my health: I will not eat or drink anything that I find on the street. I will only eat what my owner prepares for me.